Hi everyone,

It's NenaScrap with you today !
Here we are, on the last day of this year 2020. Are you as happy as I am to see this damn year going away ?
I hope 2021 will bring us better days and full of creativity !!!

I wanted, at the dawn at this new year, to lay out my wishes for 2021.
It's my plan of good resolutions in a way, let's hope they last all year long !!!

I've mixed a lot of Studio Forty products,and you know what? They all work together perfectly !

I drew a circle on my background with a plate and added sewing with my sewing machine on the pencil line. Then, all I had to do was fill my circle with Studio Forty wonders.

I fussy cut the "HELLO" letters in the Nordica paper and used dies for the numbers.
I added some chipboards stickers and stickers from different collections.

I used dies and paper elements from different collections to make embellishments.
With the text stamps, I made labels for what I want to achieve in 2021.

I had a lot of fun making this page, I hope you like it and that it will give you ideas.

And if that tempts you, here is another idea, this time for a greedy gift to offer, why not for the New Year. 

I covered a simple cardboard box with Cozy Time papers. To embellish it, I fussy cut some Winter Fun papers elements.

I filled the box with sweets to enjoy : tea, little cakes, and homemade cereals.

I hope you'll like this project too, it's very easy to make !!!

I wish you a beautiful year 2021 full of creations with Studio Forty . Take care of yourself.
See you next year !!!


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Hello everybody. 

I hope you had a few happy holidays with your family despite the difficult circumstances this year. And  maybe that's why we should look forward to the new year even more and say GOODBYE to the old year.

For me, the New Year always includes New Year's resolutions and, above all, reflecting on the moments and resolutions from the past year. And we always do this between the years. So we say in Germany.

For the new year, 2021, I immediately thought of 3 resolutions:




Do you have new year's resolutions for 2021 too?

For our little New Year's celebration in a very small circle of our small family (we are only 3) I made a small table decoration with the very magical COZY TIME collection.

I cutted 3 papers from the collection into a rectangle 3 inch by 7 inch. And another slightly larger rectangle as a frame.

Then I cutted two slits in the paper so that there was also room for 3 small sparklers.

With the word punch board I punched the 3 end-resolutions

 on the patterned paper and glueded on a plain white cardstock behind it.

I punched out small twigs with a leaf punch and stuck them on.

And now I wish you all a happy new year and a fantastic new 2021 with a lot of serenity and balance among your family. 


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Sum Up 2020 | By Elena - La Scrapperia

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 Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you have had a happy Christmas! Today it's my turn to present my latest project: a sum up of 2020! 

I made a mini album with 12 photographs that go through month by month this somewhat strange 2020, but which personally allowed me to be together with my family.
Each month is characterized by a different collection, which follows the season.
It was a lot of fun for me to make it, I didn't think the collections could blend so perfectly, in tones, subjects and textures.
I leave you some photos below, for the occasion I also made a small video that you can find at the following link:

To discover all the products I have used click on the site

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Monochromatycznie | Scrapczak

Ależ mnie naszło na kolorystyczny minimalizm! Dacie wiarę?

Uwielbiam kolory. Feeria barw to coś, co jest jakby wpisane w DNA mojego świata. Jednak ostatnio  w moich pracach zobaczycie co? Spokój. 

2020 wystawił nas na próbę. Zaburzył "porządek" świata, naszych codzienności, pozmieniał przyzwyczajenia... Zawirował wszystkim dookoła. Pogmatwał wiele spraw. W tym szaleństwie ja postanowiłam poszukać swojej małej oazy spokoju. Azylu i ukojenia. I jakoś tak wyszło, że odbiło się to na moich layoutach. 

Pierwszy z nich to hołd szarości. Tło powstało z rozcieńczonego wodą szarego brushmarkera. Następnie w strategicznych miejscach dodałam stemplowania. Następna warstwa to ramki z arkusza z kolekcji Boom dia (uwielbiam!) i tekturki, które zabarwiłam czarnym tuszem. By przełamać szarość - dodałam naklejki "półperełki" w kolorach dopasowanych do barw ze zdjęcia. 

Drugi layout to chłodne kolory błękitu/fioletu połączone z ciemnymi literkami. Literki zostały wycięte zarówno z arkusza 30x30 jak i tego o formacie DL - karty do TN. Do tego kilka akcentów stemplowań i gotowe. Zdarza Wam się robić takie monochromatyczne prace?

Do przygotowania layoutów użyłam:

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Winter Stories Album | Isa

 Hello everyone!! 

It's Isa today on the blog and I am very excited to be back in the Studio Forty blog with a new project to show you! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your relatives. Although this year it's a bit strange for all of us I hope you had a great time!

Today I want to show you a new mini album I created with the Nordica collection of Studio Forty.

First let's go to the cover of the album. I used some cardboard for the covers and then I covered them with papers from Nordica. Then, for the cover I used the wreath from one of the Project Life cards of Nordica from Studio Forty. I decorated it also with some stickers of the collection and enamel dots which I albsolutely adore. Then I used a chipboard sticker for the title of the mini album. 

Then, in the spine I included a small chain with a pom pom and a wooden snowflake and a chipboard from the Nordica collection. I wanted to add something original to it. 

The inside of the album is divided into two parts. I decided to make two different parts in one of the cardboard of the cover of the album. 

On one side, you can see a big enevolpe I made in which I included some Project Life cards from Nordica to add some journaling or more pictures to the album. And on the envelope I also made some flips with the papers of the TN inserts of Nordica to add more details and not just having a simple envelope. I decorated these pages with some clear stickers and chipboard stickers from the Nordica collection of Studio Forty. 

On the other side of the inside of the album I made a waterfall album. I used Nordica papers and also white cardstock. I decorated the pages with clear stickers, stickers and chipboards from the Nordica collection. I even made a shaker with fake snow as the album is themed for winter. On the spine on the inside I also added some clear stickers from the collection to add more details to it. And I used some stamps from the Cozy Time collection to add more details in the last page of the waterfall.

It's very clean and simple but it's a very useful structure with space for tons of pictures of winter memories! I hope you like it and that you create very beautiful things with Nordica!! See you soon with new inspirations! Take care! 



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