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Hey friends! How are you? It's that time of the year, the most magica time of the year and I feel so happy without a precise reason! I love December so much!

Today I am happy to share some fresh, easy and cute ideas you can realize quickly. Some Christmas balls that I'll use as a lift tags, a Santa's mailbox to hold some sweets and a Christmas Stocking. Can I say that I love them so much and it will be hard to me to donate them :) hahahah!

I have used some dies I have in my stuff but you can easily draw them, cut and build downloading some templates from the websphere! :P

Here some pics of them, I have used the Winter Fun and Nordica collections that I love to pieces!

I added some details to my Christmas balls with just stamps and some ribbons.

I have added some embellishments to the stocking and the wooden dentali that I love!

To finish everything I just added wool, red velvet ribbon.

Just a quick note to create the shaker Christmas ball. I have cut the ball, then i glued it on a transparency sheet ( the box of some scrapbooking embellishments) then I added the sequins and then  I closed everything together gluing the ball on a patterned paper from Nordica collection. At the end just cut around the ball. 




Hope you will be inspired to create your own tags and little gifts ideas for this magica December!

Love, Lory

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