Fast pages...⎪Heidi Ma Traveler’s Notebooks

Working in Traveler Notebooks is such an easy way to document memories – and it can also be a fast way! I would like to show you how quick and easy you can handle it...

Very helpful is a Traveler's Notebook kit (like this one: MAGIC FALL -Notebook edition), because you can work with it immediately. The papers fit perfect to one side and all you have to do is to choose a compatible photo...

Here you are with two possibilities:

You add your photo on the blank side, so the patterned paper leaves room for your journaling. You can write (or stamp!!!) on white paper, cut it out afterwards and stick it in (sometimes I cut my words out in stripes – nice effect!). Here I fixed it on top with one of those awesome Magic Fall - paper strips .

Now there’s not much left to do: a title (if you want to have one) and some little details like chipboards, stickers or stamps – that’s it!

I like it a lot, when both sides connect to each other in some kind of way – such as the little farns, that grow on both sides.

Certainly you also can write directly on the paper, like I did it on this spread:

I love my old typewriter and perhaps you noticed, that I use it always for journaling in my notebooks.

By the way – the patterned paper from the new MAGIC FALL Edition and the alphabet stamps (Alpha Typed - stamp set #79) are a perfect match, aren’t they?

The other possibility:

You added your photo on the patterned paper.
Huuuh – now you have to fill a whole, blank side... But no problem, it’s the same procedure as above:
Write down your journaling and play around with stamps, cut outs, chipboards...

You can work directly into a notebook, but you can just as well work on a piece of paper (in size of a full page), that you stick in after it’s ready.

For this spread I only used stamps (I LOVE the little star-stamp from the Fairytales - stamp set #76!!!!): with coloured inks (in the colour of the patterned paper - this is my connection of the both pages) and on a little piece patterned paper. Done!

Of course there are myriads of other possibilities, but I think these are the quickest ones.

Perhaps you give them a try?

This is what I used for my pages (click on the words and you'll find them in the shop)

MAGIC FALL -Notebook edition
Alpha Typed - stamp set #79

Magic - stamp set #78

Fairytales - stamp set #76


Magic Fall- Ferns

Summer travelove -I was here


Magic Fall- transparent stickers

Magic Fall - paper strips - sticker set

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Travell themed Layout and card | Stephanie B.

Hello lovely crafters out there,

it's me again - and today i want to show you a travel themed Layout - and a quick card.

First of all - the Layout.
Therefor i prepared a huge travel themed title with my silhouette.

These are the materials i took for this layout:
Studio Forty - paper MAGIC FALL - sweather weather / magic forest
Studio Forty - Leaves -small stamp set # 10
Studio Forty - Summer travelove - Travel bags - suitcases
Studio Forty - Summer travelove -I was here - subtitles
Studio Forty - Summer travelove -around the world
Studio Forty - Summer travelove-english translations
Leisure time- transparent stickers White

And a super quick travel themed card..

Studio Forty - "Relax" stamp set # 70
Studio Forty "Sending Smiles" Stamp

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Hej ho, hej ho! | Bligu

Hej ho! Hej ho!
Ostatnie dni lata zachciało nam się spędzić w lesie na wyprawie na grzyby.
W zasadzie powinnam napisać na wyprawie na #grzybynaniby.
Nie znaleźliśmy żadnego.
No ale przecież w wyprawach do lasu grzyby są najmniej istotne. Przynajmniej dla mnie ;)

Zamiast wypatrywać borowików czy podgrzybków, zachwycam się wszystkim innym po drodze. Grzyby są niejako przy okazji :)

Zdjęcia do albumów drukuję na drukarce laserowej.
Dzięki temu mogę je wzbogacać stemplowaniem zwykłym tuszem,
nie bojąc się o ewentualne rozmazanie.
Poza tym część stempli odbijam bezpośrednio na kartkach albumu (w tum przypadku travellersa),
a część na dodatkowym papierze, co po przyklejeniu dodaje nieco przestrzeni.

Do przygotowania tego albumu użyłam:     

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

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Color blocks |Valeria

Hello my crafty friends,
I have fun idea for you to try. I have used several products from the latest release called Magic Fall. It´s fabulous and I have several examples for you. So let´s start

The main idea is very simple - leave the image plain and color everything around it

Use bold colors so you get perfect contrast on your card

I´ve used watercolors but you can achieve the same effect with blending as well
Just cut the mask to protect your images

Here is the card, color possibilities are endless

I´ve used 2 colors of Distress Oxides to make it more special

Of course you can make cards very simple or create something more complicated. I wanted to use as many new stamps as possible so I have created this card where I have stamped several images. Different stamp for each little window.

Here is how I made it:I traced the lines with pencil. However use the actual paper die cut to make the lines, not the metal die. 

Learn from my mistakes :)One more time - trace your lines with your paper die cut

I could make shaker card but I decided to leave it as it is. However I have created frame by stacking 4 or 5 black frames around my images to make them stand out a little bit more

If you think it´s too complicated, than I have a great news for you. Your card will look amazing even if you will paint over your stamped images

I love these new paper designs and I have found perfect paint that matches the colors on the paper perfectly

Ok and now the last project. Once I start it´s hard for me to stop. I just love this new collection, so many great designs.
I have applied the idea but used different products and guess what ? There is no stamping involved. Shocking ! I know :)

First of all, I have created these 3 little windows with my die and my Big Shot and then stick down the sentiment. 

It´s easy to separate these words even though it´s one little sticker

Then glue down the paper. Different design for each window. 

And now the funniest part - stick down the tree stickers

Well and that´s all. Unfortunately this is my last post created for Studio 40.
It´s hard to say goodbye but I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love design and quality Mona produces every single time.
I wish you all the best
Thank you all for your love and support here
Kisses / Buziaczki

Products used in this post:

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