Origami time with Yukie

Hello, craft lovers! 

Hope everyone is safe and enjoy the festive holiday season! 

Today I would like to share some of my ‘Origami’ works. 
Origami sure is a global word that many people recognize what that is, and it means simply folding papers in Japanese.

Japanese children learn making things with origami from very early. So it probably is the first paper crafting for many of us. And some are very clever and making beautiful art works. 
I would say, nothing is impossible to be formed by origami. 

So let me share some simple origami ideas of making journal book with Turkish map fold.

Mini Turkish fold mini books in different sizes
All these albums are made by Nordica collection and Winter Fun collection. Lovely colors, beautiful patterns. 
The large album with Turkish map fold. The front page is 6.25x6.25 size. I have managed to make it as December Dailies. You can make lots of pockets for tags and mini cards. Also pockets allow many little memorabilia to be stored.
From the side. I fancy the tag ribbons and pockets. Do you?
From the bottom of the album. Combination of three size pockets.
This is when you open it. Lots of pockets and so many tags and mini cards.
I have made a small Christmas tree as a book mark. Used some twines to make some extra pockets.
25 cards and tags for each day.
Some insides and backsides.
Just love those cute little cakes
Turkish map fold can be used as pockets, or journal books.
Mini card, Mini Christmas tree, and memorabilia from a cafe I visited.(Cafe card) I store all these little things in the pockets. You have plenty room for those!

Tiny Turkish map fold. 2.25x2.25inches
From the side. I used two types of ribbons.
When you open it. It's like a lotus flower.

Here is the last one with double sided Turkish fold album. 
Last Turkish map fold mini album. Double pockets.

When you open it. Small pages, but quite much you can do.
I did journaling, stikcers, photos and so on.

So, these are the three Turkish map fold mini albums. 
Did you like them? Very easy to fold, and you get radical impressions. 
Go search for the folding tutorials. You will find them on youtube.


Maybe one more mini album with Winter fun collection?
Fully winter fun collection.
I got the inspirations from Sunburst albums.
But not really sunburst.
I did with bellow folding, but pages do not adhere on sides, they adhere on the bottom. 
The first page of the album. 
Inside the page.

Inside the page. I think I can smell cinnamon here..This is  such a great paper collection, gives you not just the visual images  but also the smell of the Christmas!
I have the strip going top to bottom. It can hold little cards and tags.

From the side. The pages come falling from back to front. Just like sunburst. 

Thank you for being with me until the end. 
I hope you liked the albums!
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Lots of ideas to stimulate your creativity during the holiday, and 
also the quarantine time!!

Keep on scrapbooking! 

See the page for Winter fun collection → Double click here

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