Hello everybody. 

I hope you had a few happy holidays with your family despite the difficult circumstances this year. And  maybe that's why we should look forward to the new year even more and say GOODBYE to the old year.

For me, the New Year always includes New Year's resolutions and, above all, reflecting on the moments and resolutions from the past year. And we always do this between the years. So we say in Germany.

For the new year, 2021, I immediately thought of 3 resolutions:




Do you have new year's resolutions for 2021 too?

For our little New Year's celebration in a very small circle of our small family (we are only 3) I made a small table decoration with the very magical COZY TIME collection.

I cutted 3 papers from the collection into a rectangle 3 inch by 7 inch. And another slightly larger rectangle as a frame.

Then I cutted two slits in the paper so that there was also room for 3 small sparklers.

With the word punch board I punched the 3 end-resolutions

 on the patterned paper and glueded on a plain white cardstock behind it.

I punched out small twigs with a leaf punch and stuck them on.

And now I wish you all a happy new year and a fantastic new 2021 with a lot of serenity and balance among your family. 


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