So many hearts / Irina Honcharyk

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 Hello Studio Forty friends! Irina is here.
Today I want to show you two layouts. They are different, but they are united by two points: stamping and heart! These two required elements were chosen by my subscribers on Instagram. I conducted a survey and many wrote that they want to see pages with stamping and heart.

Well! I am ready to show my layouts!

The first layout is romantic. I cut a lot of hearts out of paper!

Then I took out a chipboard and stickers from different collections.

And of course, stamps!

And now my page about hugs and son’s love is ready!

There is a lot of air and volume!

The second layout is completely different in style. But it has the same required elements!

I used a lot of stamps!

This layout is also about love, but about another son.

I suggest to watch the video about this layuot.

Thank you for the attention!

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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"Love" So romantic Album | Isa

Hello everyone!!

First, I wish that everyone is safe and healthy at home. I hope that these lockdown days will be over relaly soon! It's Isa here today and I want to show you a new mini album I created with the So Romantic collection. 

I have to confess that when I saw the Project Life cards of this collection I fell completely in love with them, and I knew right away that I wanted to create a mini album using them. So I took the cards and also I cut some papers from the So Romantic collection in the size of Project Life cards and I let the magic begin. 

The album has two sets, one is a wired album and then a pocket with a mini mini album with a ring. I have used cardboard and the Project Life cards for the cover, some flowers and a glittered alphabet. The spine of the album is acetate which I like a lot to make new structures. 

This is the mini album that you can find inside the pocket. I gathered the papers with a ring and I decorated the papers with the chipboards and clear stickers from the So Romantic collection. 

On the wired album, I have used Project Life cards and some papers from the collection cut in the size of Project Life cards. 

I have been decorating the pages using the chipboard and the stickers from the collection. I have tried to combine all the pages that I have been adding along the album. I always like to add elements to link one page to the following ones.

I have also used my sewing machine to create pockets inside the album, so I can add some mini tags on them to add some journaling.

Apart from the pockets and the patterned papers, I have made some tags and pages myself using the stamps sets of the So Romantic collection. I have used some stamps to create my own pages of the album and create new backgrounds. 

As you can see there are also some pop-up pages inside the album so I can combine plain pages with more fun pages. It is a very complete mini album and I think that the So Romantic collection combines so well with everything!

I hope you liked my new project and I hope to be back soon with new inspirations. Stay safe! Lots of love! 

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Sending Love | Anna K.

Cześć, tu Aka,

Zaglądam do Was oczywiście z wycinankami z pokolorowanych stempli :)
 Na pierwszych dwóch kartkach umieściłam wianki złożone z gałązek oraz różyczek, które znajdują się w zestawie stempli  Sending love - stamp set#110 oraz  Floral frames - stamp set#109.

Wianek skleiłam z pokolorowanych elementów, zanim nakleiłam go na kartkę. Dzięki temu użyłam mniej kosteczek dystansowych. W przeciwnym razie musiałabym podklejać każdy mały element składowy wianka.

Na dwóch kolejnych kartkach w głównej roli występują balony oraz koperty z zestawu stempli  Sending love - stamp set#110. Balony przymocowałam w taki sposób, że mogą "lecieć" na kartkach :) 

Oj, poleciałabym chętnie w góry takim balonem, a Wy dokąd?

Do zrobienia kartek użyłam najnowszej kolekcji So Romantic:




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A so romantic Pocket I Opsite

Hello everyone,

I'm in love with the So romantic collection.
You can find it here ---> So Romantic collection.
Today, I share with you a lovely pocket with a hidden photo.

Pictures are here:

My pocket contains two flaps and I closed them with a pink ribbon.
I cut patterns to have cute embellishments and added diecutting on the cover.
A ribbon with pompoms give a little touch of volume.
To complete the decoration, I added pieces of label and glued transparency stickers with text.

Some close up:

Materiel used


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