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 Hello everyone!! 

It's Isa today on the blog and I am very excited to be back in the Studio Forty blog with a new project to show you! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your relatives. Although this year it's a bit strange for all of us I hope you had a great time!

Today I want to show you a new mini album I created with the Nordica collection of Studio Forty.

First let's go to the cover of the album. I used some cardboard for the covers and then I covered them with papers from Nordica. Then, for the cover I used the wreath from one of the Project Life cards of Nordica from Studio Forty. I decorated it also with some stickers of the collection and enamel dots which I albsolutely adore. Then I used a chipboard sticker for the title of the mini album. 

Then, in the spine I included a small chain with a pom pom and a wooden snowflake and a chipboard from the Nordica collection. I wanted to add something original to it. 

The inside of the album is divided into two parts. I decided to make two different parts in one of the cardboard of the cover of the album. 

On one side, you can see a big enevolpe I made in which I included some Project Life cards from Nordica to add some journaling or more pictures to the album. And on the envelope I also made some flips with the papers of the TN inserts of Nordica to add more details and not just having a simple envelope. I decorated these pages with some clear stickers and chipboard stickers from the Nordica collection of Studio Forty. 

On the other side of the inside of the album I made a waterfall album. I used Nordica papers and also white cardstock. I decorated the pages with clear stickers, stickers and chipboards from the Nordica collection. I even made a shaker with fake snow as the album is themed for winter. On the spine on the inside I also added some clear stickers from the collection to add more details to it. And I used some stamps from the Cozy Time collection to add more details in the last page of the waterfall.

It's very clean and simple but it's a very useful structure with space for tons of pictures of winter memories! I hope you like it and that you create very beautiful things with Nordica!! See you soon with new inspirations! Take care! 



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