Mini album pop-up “Friends” | Emanuela Cartincantevole

Hi guys! Do you like mini pop-up albums? How about making one together using the Together and Vintage Glow collections? Let's get started now!

First cut 4 pieces of white cardboard to 8" x 8" and fold all four to 4" either side. Mark only one diagonal.

Place the card so that the diagonal runs from top left to bottom right. In the bottom left square, fold to 3.5". Cut to make a tab.

Mark the folds and glue the tab to the square next to it. Fold the card onto itself following the folds. Repeat the operation for all four cards and finally glue them together.

At this point all that remains is to cover the structure using VINTAGE GLOW -Papiery Notebook -zestaw 18 papierów 10x21 cm /paper set of 18 Notebook size papers and TOGETHER Notebook edition-bloczek 18 papierów 10x21 cm /paper set of 18. Before gluing the cover, run a ribbon through it for closure.

Choose four square photos and have fun embellishing the mini album. You can also make small pockets, also in vellum, where you can insert photos or tags. The feature of this mini album is that once opened it becomes a home decor.

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