Cute baby album / Irina Honcharik

Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.

I am glad to show you my new project! And yes, it is an album! Absolutely cute, pleasant and beautiful album for the baby!
 There are no photos in album yet. This is album is a gift. The mom of the baby will stick the photos herself. It seems to me very nice and touching!

I made a very soft plush cover. And I really love the details, so you can see a small sticker star. They create the atmosphere of the album!

I suggest watching a video about the album. I'm flipping it.

Enjoy watching!

And then I propose to consider photos of each page of the album!

The size of the album is 20 * 25 cm. It has 5 spreads. On the fly-leaves of the album I made envelopes. This is necessary in order to invest photos and memorabilia of the baby.

The first spread of the album.
I used a lot of cards. They are beautiful and I continue to admire them!

The second spread of the album. And here we find space animals! I also added cotton textile flowers.

The third spread of the album.
And it is about a little dreamer. Night is a special time when dreams come to life in dreams.
This star print is so cute. It will not leave you indifferent!

And here you also see a beautiful card!

Fourth album spread. It is a very gentle.
This is all thanks to the print with flowers and a delicate palette!


And the last fifth spread of the album. 
There is a large envelope for various little things and a heart shaker!


All envelopes are tied on ribbons and this creates additional comfort for the album.

And more details!
You can view it here.

 I hope you liked the album! ☺

 I used:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

Galactic album | Olga Berezhkova

clear stamps
Witajcie! Dzisiaj mamy dla Was projekt, który przygotowała 
Olga Berezhkova (homyscrap)- galaktyczny mini album z kolekcji Lunare.

Catch falling stars in a jar and make a wish.
Send one star to a friend, let his wish come true. 
Explore the Galaxy and yourself...

Amazing collection Lunare inspired me to create an album. 
3 layouts and inserts in the middle of pages. 
The album contains 30 photos. 
Pockets, frames, and envelopes. 
Lots of moon magic and light for the best photos.

Cute cards / Irina Honcharik

Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.
I am glad to meet you again!
New year and new collection! It's perfect, right?)
With interest and trepidation, I opened the box with the new collection and ... drowned in tenderness!
I immediately sat down to make cards.

Let's see what I did.

So, the first card for the baby in a box.

I must say right away that cutting Forty Studio papers by plotter is a pleasure! No problem!

The beauty of the same! I took a set of cards from this collection and cut out cute characters! For this card I also made a voluminous flower of paper.

there is also decor on the back of the card. I almost always do it. It seems to me that this is how the work looks finished.

My second postcard about a cute planet in a bunny hat!

For this card I used stamp sets from Lunare collection.
And I also make the envelope. It has a heart hole in it and it's so cute all together!

Inside the postcard I used collection paper (travel set) and stamps.

I sewed a beautiful ribbon with stars and designed the back of the card!

And finally, the third postcard! And here we also see a wonderful bunny!

Incredibly cute and touching works I want to do from this collection.

The back of the postcard is also interesting! I used a small card and stamps.

I hope I inspired you. And you too will do something cute and beautiful!


 I used:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

Shaker tag | Anabel

Hi pretty!

I'm Anabel from @cattaleiasoul. Today I am in the studio forty blog to show you 
the shaker tag that I made with the new Lunare collection.
The first thing I've done has been to choose the papers, and size. 
For this occasion I only needed two 10x21 papers and coincidentally 
it is the same pattern but each one I will use for one side.

I really like the sewn effect, so I used my sewing machine quite a lot. 
I have done the first sewing around the paper that will be the base.
 For my moon-shaker, I first cut one in a white paper to see the size I needed,
once I decided, I cut the acetate and the paper I was going to use.
Then I have sewn a first part, I have introduced silver stars and I have finished sewing.

I have chosen a tag from the same collection and I have torn it to give it
 the shape I wanted.To this tag that has been left in a circular shape 
and to the moon I have glued them with 3d adhesive to give the tag a bit of volume.

I added a picture of a day that I was especially happy, because it snowed
in my city, something that never happens, and to give it my touch, 
I added some stitches with the sewing machine.

At the top, I made a hole and put an eyelet with the help of my crop-a-tell 
and passed a little ribbon that I had as a house of snowflakes.

To finish decorating it I have put some stickers with text and in the shape of stars.

I like to store my tags in a filing cabinet with rings so I made some holes with the cinch, 
which apart from being beautiful is practical for me.

I hope I have inspired you and see you very soon here.



MemoryDex Cards with Gaia | Vânia Fonseca

memory kepping Hello crafty friends! Vânia here and today i´m sharing some inspiration with the Gaia collection.

Memorydex cards are perfect when you want use your scraps or when you want to make something but you don´t have a lot of time to scrap. So that´s what we are making here today!

First i´ve start by stamping some flowers and leafs, i think they´re perfect for any season and almost any kind project.

I always like to add different layers and volume on my projects, in this card i stick the flower using some foam dots, that way the flower popped up from the leafs.

For this one i made a little envelope and put a little stamped reminder inside. Also use the little heart chipboard sticker to decorate the envelope.

To finish the cards i add a little dots of color in withe and beige, i think it always give a more finished touch.

And that´s all for today, quick and simple! I´ve hope you find some inspiration to go grab your Gaia scraps and give the Memorydex cards a try! Please tag me on the Social media if you do i would love to see your makings!

The links to all the products that i´m using are below: