Cards “Shabby chic mood” | Emanuela Cartincantevole

Hi guys! Happy New Year! Here I am to tell you about my first project of the year. Let's leave the Christmas mood behind and do something different. How about two cards with a slightly shabby chic style useful for any occasion? To accompany a gift or simply to tell someone we love them.

As usual, I give you a detailed description of how to make the cards. In addition, I also show you how to use stickers to embellish the cards.

To make the card base, cut two pieces 10 cm x 15 cm: one from sheet 03 of the Vintage Glow collection (Notebook papers - set of 18 10x21 cm papers) and another from sheet 03 of the Together collection. On two white cards 14.2 cm x 9.2 cm cut out a circle in the centre with a diameter of 6.5 cm. Glue to the base using 2 mm thick double-sided adhesive tape.

All that remains now is to embellish the cards. I embellished the cards by cutting out floral motifs from sheet 01 of the Together collection (Notebook edition - 10x21 cm /paper set of 18) and also added die-cut flowers and leaves. I glued the stickers from the Vintage Glow collection onto a very thick white card and then cut them out and used them as die cuts.

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