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Hello dear S40 friends, Mirka here :)

I greet you all very much and wish you a happy new year and all the best. Today I have a pocket page for you. Thursday belongs to stamps and I prepared a pocket page with hide and seek and lots of stamps.

I used project life cards from this paper for the page. I love how it has soft colors and matches all the photos. I stamped a lot of labels with these stamps and then cut them out. I stamped different phrases on the labels.

I like hiding and opening pockets. I cut this card along the tree line and made it as a flap. The whole photo is hidden under it.

For this card I used a journaling card from the vintage glow collection. I folded it in the middle and cut out a circle inside the wreath. So you can see a piece of the photo hidden inside. When I open the card, the entire photo is visible. I glued a bouquet from the vintage glow collection, a label with a phrase and enamel dots to the wreath.

This card with a fox is very beautiful, but how to stick a photo on it so that the fox stays there? I used a scalpel to cut a line around the fox and tucked the photo under it. And again I added a label with a phrase and one clear sticker with a small flower.

I also often used hashtag phrases. I love them so much!

This card is from the vintage glow collection. It is neutral and thus goes well with other cards with a winter theme.

In the middle of my pocket page I kept this beautiful card without a photo. I just completed it with a definition sticker.

I hope you liked my inspiration today and will also try sticking photos on a pocket page. Have a great time and I look forward to seeing you again next time. Don't forget that you can shop in the S40 store with the discount code Mirka10

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