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Hi everyone! First of all happy new year! Hope you have had a very beautifull Christmas and a very happy new year!

Today I came to show you this midori that i have made with the Together collection. 

To make the exterior structure I have used an acetate and i have sewn it.

I didn't have enough die-cuts to decorate, so I have make them using stickers. I have pasted stickers on white cardboard and then cut them out. I't a very easy way to make die-cuts! Also I have used those laces of the Vintage Glow collection. 

I have made two notebooks and I have held it with elastic rubber. 

On the cover I have used different stickers and enamels dots.

Also I have added some cards to the midori that are decorated also with stickers. 

This is the material I have used:

- Together collection: https://shop.studioforty.pl/pl/p/Together-zestaw-6-papierow-30%2C5x30%2C5cm-paper-set-of-6-30%2C5x30%2C5-cm/1375

- Lace set: https://shop.studioforty.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-6-koronkowych-koleczek-Vintage-Glow/1472

- Enamel dots: https://shop.studioforty.pl/pl/p/ESSENTIALS-2-SUMMER-naklejki-wypukle-kropki-3D-stickers-dots-/1448

- Chipboard stikers: https://shop.studioforty.pl/pl/p/TOGETHER-zestaw-naklejek-tekturowych-chipboard-stickers-set-/1388

- Tabs stickers: https://shop.studioforty.pl/pl/p/ESSENTIALS-TABS-PINK-naklejki-kolorowe-color-stickers-set/1413

- Transparent stikers here and now: https://shop.studioforty.pl/pl/p/Here-and-now-transparent-stickers-/808

As you can see, you can use stickers in many different way!

Hope you liked it! Remember that you can have a 10% discount using the code MARIA10.

See you in the next post!


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