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Hello Studio Forty friends! Marta Scrapera here! This is my first post of 2024 so I take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year. We have a year to live and enjoy celebrations with our friends and family, so today I show you a small idea to make a nice birthday detail.

The structure is simple, it is an envelope with a little depth, to be able to store gifts with volume.

I have used white cardboard and this paper from the Nordica collection. For the decoration, I used the chipboard from Together collection, some enamels model "essentials 2" and some stickers: "hashtags" and "Here & now".

I have assembled the base of the card with white cardboard and this paper from the Frosty Season collection.

I wanted to decorate the card with two Polaroid frames: one for the title, made with the stickers, and another to place a photo of us together so that it can serve as a memory.

I hope you liked it and above all it inspired you. Remember that with the code "scrapera10" you get a 10% discount on the S40 website.

See you son!

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