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I usually like smaller size photos than the ones I have used today. The truth is that it is a size that I do not like too much, I like that they are small, credit card type or a little more or that they occupy the entire page, but I am happy with the result.

I have stamped both sheets with stars, from one of the stamps in the collection.
On a collection paper, which I have sewn onto a vellum, I have combined several overlapping ornaments.

Here I have used the same size of the photo, but I have centered the decoration on the part that is left blank at the top.

I have pasted an envelope of the same size as the photo that I have decorated with a stamp in the shape of a hat, following the idea of the upper part where I have placed two gloves.

In a die cut piece I have also used a stamp with the word Winter, and in addition to the title I have placed different stars, chipboard, etc.

I love the stamp kit that I have used you can see it here.

This is all for today I hope you like it! See you soon!


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