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 Hello friends! Halloween is approaching and this year I have decided to prepare some small decorations to use for the home. I made some small 3d pumpkins made with the "Herbarium" collection for a slightly more romantic Halloween ... but don't worry ... there will be tricks! 

Making these pumpkins was really easy! You will need 10 strips of paper 10x2cm or 15x3cm; puncture the ends of the strips and stop with two sample clips thus creating a small spiral. Now you just have to decorate your pumpkins as you like! 

To celebrate a romantic Halloween we have also prepared a small video for you! 

Watch it on:

As always I hope you enjoyed my project! The whole S40 team is waiting to see your fantastic works on social channels and if you are curious you can find out all the news on 

Happy and good scrap friend! 

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