Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well. It's autumn ... again. But this is my favorite time of the year. I love it's colourness and warmth. And I love to scrap autumn photos and memories. As all of our family members were ill last week, we have missed all the beautiful weather. But I decided to work on last year's memories. And here I go with my Happy Planner and one of the October month 2020.

As you might know I don't use my Big Happy Planner for planning, but as an yearly album, where I track our daily rutine and weekend adventures. And this time the only think I have are photos from one of our weekend trip and photos of my son I took near the place we live. So I decided to print my photos a bit larger than usual. And some of them were worth printing bigger. And with autumn memories I used the new Herbarium Collection.

For my Planner I love using the notebook edition papers. They fit perfectly not only into each little frame in my Planner (you just cut the paper in half verticaly and than to smaller pieces), but it fits when using bigger space too (like i did here). I also add a flip page, so I can hide one more photo under it.

The greatest trouble with Big Happy Planner is that it grows bigger and bigger with each new page so the possibilities to embelish your page are rather limited. But I always add some paper cuts, transparent or white stickers and even chipboards. But it's photos that matter the most. Have a great day!

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