Winter hanging on your kids room|Yukie Bessho

Hello everyone !

How are you all ? 

I would like to share something unexpected today. Scrapbooking and paper rafting always meet serendipities. 
And this one is a good example of them. 

I was thing
King something like an origami wreath with frosty season collection, and what I end up was this one. 

Nothing like origami, not a wreath. 
But I like what I got here very much. 

So it is a home decor. 
A perfect winter decoration hanging for a child’s room. 

Stars are decorated with some glittery stuff and sequins. 

So much of everything gathered up. 
Chipboard frames are my favorites. 
I wrap the half moon with quilt cotton.. so it’s quite thick. 
Fun creating. 

Chipboard stickers are so effective! 

Please check out the awesome FrostySeason collection →Click here

Thank you very much for staying with me until the end. 
Wishing you a happy winter!


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