Frosty Season & tag | Marivi

I love labels of all types and sizes, so today, apart from the FROSTY SEASON collection, the protagonists are the tags.

In this layout I have sewn it to the top and I have pasted a wooden ornament on top.

All the information I have placed with the photo, beautiful things to do in winter that I have represented with different elements of the collection.

I have written some sentences in the blank space that I have adorned with a star.

In these photos you can see more details of the small details.

Here the tags are pink to match the paper that I used as the background for the photo.

I have sewn both the photo and the label.

On the label I have stamped a pineapple in silver coming out of it to give a casual touch.

I have also used a piece of wood here to decorate.

I have pasted some strips in one corner and with the photo a sticker phrase that I cut out of the page and then paste.

I hope you like it !
See you soon.


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