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Hello Studio Forty fans! 
Hope you are enjoying the Here & there collection as much as I do.
Today, I would like to share my two layouts with you. 
One 6x6, and one 8x8.

First one is 6x6, I want to use the patterned paper to the most. When you make projects, there are always some left overs. So I cut some papers in stripes and designed them as a large arrow.  

I have used some chipboard stickers and enamels with gold strings and hemp cords.

The title I have cut out from the journaling cards. Yes, to travel, is to LIVE! I have used a photograph from our visit to LONDON some years ago. 

Easy and effective method I believe!  Hope you like it 

Second layout is here. Daddaaa! 
I also cut the paper in stripes and drew some lines to make them look like bamboos. Also some bamboo leaves to make the paper more like 'bamboos'.
I have placed some enamels. They may look like fire flies? 

The Japanese character says 'Celebrate' in Japanese. 

So that's it for today. 
 I hope you liked both of the layouts. 

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See you next time!
Until then, enjoy your crafty time!

xo Yukie

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