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For today's post, a couple of projects in TN are similar, both at the bottom, both with triangles in one corner, but as you will see, they change just by changing the place of the photo and decorations from left to right.

The photo goes on several layers of paper and you can see the pael of the previous project that I have left on the page.

Here I have filled the entire right part with embellishments, prints and papers.

In this one the photo is on the other side, also with layers that protrude from the page, as I told you before, so I used the reverse side for the following design.

Also chipboards and small patterned details, but to a lesser extent, leaving much more white space.

In these projects I have used a lot of HERE&THERE but the stamps and other decorations are from different collections of STUDIO FORTY.

I hope you like it !
Enjoy the summer and see you soon!


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