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Hello and welcome to a new post in the blog. Is not it unbelievable that we already have May? And yet it still does not feel like spring, it is still cold and often rainy, especially on the last weekend. But then at least a bit more time to scrap and there is no guilty conscience when no sun seems and it's warm outside.

In theory, we revel in the memory, even at times, where life was a bit more normal than in recent months.

I have chosen a few pictures, which were created in the spring of 2017, with a trip to the Fichtelberg with the Fichtelbergbahn along with my little darling and my mom. And there is it quite well that this Sunday is Mother's Day.

Used for the two sides I have the series Journal Stories.

I used the papers in the format 6x8 and also cut out decoration elements. Last but not least, I have embroidered something again, because with the sewing machine I still have something on war.

I hope I could give you a little inspiration and wish you a nice week.

Stay healthy.

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