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 Hello Everyone!

Here in Tokyo, it is more like summer these days!

Are you all ready for summer crafting?

Before we all set off to the summer crafting, today I want to share some journal notebook pages with you. I know most people using alphabets in their languages use the books other ways, but for us, it can go other way.

I thought about using my '4 letters quote of the day' going back to force of the S40 notebooks, but instead, I used it this way.

Some more pages...

I have picked some of the 4 letter quotes and wrote down the meanings, and origins. We have so many of these quotes and yet very much I myself do not know, nor not very clear with it. So, I decided to do some collections try to remember them. 

I hope I could use these words in my daily conversations!

The very last spread of the note book is for pure fun. Simple art journal like scrapbooking with photos of the dolls. 

These journal notebooks are quick to make and the results come out fascinating! Great weekend craft!

Try something you come up with your mind. The notebooks are versatile and flexible! Enjoy your small space and make something unique of your own!

Thank you ! Keep on crafting! 

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