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Hello everyone!

So have you all checked the 'Lazy Days' collection?
Beautiful colors matches all the summer situations!

Today I would like to share my suitcase mini album!
Very much ready for the summer vacation!!
SO this is the suitcase. Yes, it is a container for the mini album!
Although it is just a case of the album, I have spent a lot of passion on this. 

The tassel suit perfectly with this luxe trolley bag.

The wheel has two silver colors. Simply sheer silver and glitter silver. In the center, you can see I have placed Studio Forty's famous enamel dot!
The title 'let's go somewhere' is like the keyword. Everyone wants to go somewhere after the pandemic, right?
Ok this is how the album is stored. 
The chipboard frames are great! They give so much accents on projects. 

So the mini album is out.  I have also used the tassel for the album, too. 

Inside the pages. I have used some transparent sheets to have some 
clear, summer like impressions. 
I have cut out the rose to hold the lovery journal card.
Some flips and extra pages. 
Just love the blue berries!! The blue berry journal card is wide. 
I have folded it in half and made an extra page.
The back  of the blueberry page; tie dye page!  Great for journaling!
The very last page. Little mermaid!

Here is a short video for the mini album! 
Also on YouTube →

It was a great fun to make this project. 
I have used paper straws for the suitcase handles.
and plastic straws for the corners. 

Hope you liked my project!

Thank you for staying with me until the end. 
See you soon again!

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