LAZY DAYS - Every Summer has a Story pocket mini album and suitcase with Loredana Bucaria


Hello everyone! How are you? It's Lory here today and I am so excited  to share a tutorial to create a pocket mini album. So easy and fun! The latest collection from Studio Forty, Lazy Days, is simply stunning and you can use it to tell travel, trip, little vacations, I love it to pieces! It's so delicate and colorful at the same time.

I have used the whole collection, from the 12x12 patterned papers to the embellishments, to the beautiful clear stamps. So let's start to show you how I have built my mini.


First of all you need of three pieces of cardboard in the following sites: two covers of 10 x 18,5 cm and a third piece for the inner of 3,5 x18,5 cm. Choose one of the Lazy Days collection patterned papers and cut a rettangole of 28 cm with by 24 cm length this allow you to have the right quantità of paper to fold the paper on the four sides. Take a look at the following pictures.

I have used the tacky glue to adhere the paper to the cardboard with the help of the folding pleat. In the same way I have covered the inside of my mini album cover structure. Cut a rettangole of 23 cm widht by 17,5 cm length. 

Now it's time to embellish the cover giving a title to the minialbu. I chose a little chipboard frame  and the  little phrase stamp "every Summer has a story". It's so beautiful.

Before to stick the frame to the center of the cover of my mini album I have taken a tangle of blue cotton thread playing it behind the frame.


Now it's time to create the insedi of your mini album creating 6 little pocket. So choose 6 diffrent paterne papers and cut 6 rectangles in the following size, fold them on three sides at 1 cm form the borders, right, left and bottom edge.

  1. 11,5 x 9,5 cm (blue paper)
  2. 11,5 x 8,5 cm (pink paper)
  3. 11,5 x 8 cm (planes paper)
  4. 11,5 x 10 cm ( flowers paper)
  5. 11,5 x 8,5 cm (exagons dotte paper)
  6. 11,5 x 8,5 cm ( yellow paper)

Here the 6 pockets that you will adhere to the inside of the cover starting from the pocket you chose to place on the top, then the medium and then the last one. Stick each of them putting the glue on the three sides. Use a little circle punch to create the opening of the envelope.

Now have fun embellishing each pockets with fussy cutting, with stickers, with stamps. I have used a lot of journaling cards and on one side I sticked a picture of the past summer!

Then just for fun I created a little suitcase inside I'll insert other pics and stories for sure :)

Hope you like it :)
Have a wonderful weekend 

Love, Lory

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