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 Hello and happy Friday.

After almost 3 weeks I sat at the scraptable again for the last two days, although not as long as I wanted. But since my corona infection and the illness, unfortunately, everything is no longer the same as it was before. Everything goes slower, takes longer and everything is quite exhausting. But it also helps me to focus again. and it was fun to see something else, besides my duvet and the couch.

For today's project I used the new series JOURNAL STORIES. There are many different products. Among other things, the Notebook Set 2, which also includes a travel journal. Since it is well known that traveling has not been possible for almost a year, I simply misused it for my purposes and used the journal to document a completely normal weekend.

So today I'm going to show you my first 4 double pages of the small album. I also ordered the papers from the collection, they are the perfect size for the journals and can be glued in right away if you want.

I picked out several papers and then cut out various tags and words to use in my album.

I punched out butterflies and hearts with various dies from my collection. I then used this in the pages.

Last but not least, I have a "special" photo for this project with my photo model. At the moment he hardly leaves my side, even while I was sick he stayed in bed with me.

And so it was this morning when I took the pictures for today's blog post, he just lay down next to me on the couch and stayed there the whole time and even fell asleep.

Now I wish you a nice sunny weekend and please stay healthy.

See you soon. Sonja

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