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Hello Everyone!

Have you already tried Studio Forty's new collection; Jounal Stories?

Well, I have made 5 of 8x8 layouts today and want to share with you.

The first one has very simple and bold design. Our traditional costume 
Kimono go very well with bold designs. 
I have used transparent sticker, chipboard sticker, and the scrapbooking papers, also some travel note size papers. They are so clean and natural colors. 
Love to challenge more layouts with more Kimono photos. 

The spread of 8x8 inches are more energetic and fun layouts. 
Yellows always does great job to enlighten the layouts. 
I have used the super fun stiches stamps along with the real thread. 
I hope I succeeded to cheat the stiches! 
The banner stamp, I have added little bit of shadows, so that 
it looks even more real. 

When you visit a place like zoological parks, you tend to take a lot of photos. 
The blocking layouts are the best way to consume the photos.... OOps, 
the best way to turn the photos into art;)

Power smile I made with larger photo. Lots of journaling made them look a little more like jounals.

So I still had some photos from the same day, I went on cropping, these spread of 8x8 layouts are fun to me. 
My little girl patted the guinea pig for the first time and she was 
very much pleased. So I bought her a stuffed guinea pig as a sourvenir from the zoo. She was very impressed and the guinea pig became her very close friend. 
Until now even after 8 years, it is on her book shelf. The only thing different is that the guinea pigs became twins. Not just one;)

The best part of scrapbooking sure is to keep the memories warm. 
I really like spot lighting the past photos with crafty ideas. 
I hope you liked the idea as much as I do.

Thank you very much for being with me till the end.

Stay safe, keep calm and scrap on!!

Arrows/Stiches stamps  → Click here

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