Daily Stories Travel Notebook with Loredana Bucaria


Hello Everyone! Here I am! I am so excited today to share with you my first pages of my April Travel Notebook. I am completely in love with it! 

I have launched a hashtag you can follow and with it you can share your stories! It's #s40dailystories

I am super excited about this project, to tell your everyday stories will be so easy and simple using the new collection of Studio Forty, Journal Stories.

So join me in this beautiful adventure :) You will love it and this will be the right time to take a look around you and focus on the good and on those little stories that make you happy! 

Don't feel overwhelmed or afraid to start you just need of your camera or phone, a pen and a notebook! In the Studio Forty shop you can choose your favorite among many different kinds. You can choose to tell a story each day or if you want you can focus your attention on just random facts you would like to remember. So easy and beautiful!

Excited to share one story for each day for the whole month of April :)

Let's start :)

Some tips from my pages:

  • As you can see I have used the same size for the pics, they are square 5x5 cm. In one of the pages showed you see an empty space, to remember which photo you want to add take a note with a pencil ;)
  • Use the amazing clear stickers to add beautiful details to your pages.
  • The little words from the 6x8 paper pad or from the TN papers are perfect to add a key word to decine that day.
  • Use those circles to rate your day.
  • Play with stamps! They are perfect to add meaning to your stories and not thickness to the notebook.

Hope you like them and that my pages will inspire you.
Can'twait to see yours.

Love, Lory

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