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I finally got my debut with Journal Stories I love how easy and simple it has been to create these pages.

On this first page, inspired by the drawing on the page, I have cut out some circles to decorate the page.
With some stamp I have stamped some phrases.

I have also added thread so that it seems that I have sewn the circles to the paper.

Here I have cut different papers in a square shape following the pattern of the page, which is divided in this way.

I have pasted a couple of stickers instead of paper in two of the spaces, to create different volumes and textures.

On this last page I have followed the pattern on the page to stamp different marine motifs, since the photo is of a beach railing.

I have framed the photo between two different papers and some small details.

As you can see, it is easy to do with not much several pages.
Use the contrasts of the different colors and patterns of the papers, sometimes that alone is enough.

I hope it inspires you and you like these pages.
See you soon!


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