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Today I present my Traveler's Notebook readers.
I decided to keep a reading journal. I have chosen two series for the moment. The Grishaverse and a trilogy by Sarah J Maas A.C.O.R.T.A.R
As soon as I finish the trilogy I am reading right now, I will also do a double page of my traveler's for that.

The Lunar collection lent itself well to my pages.
The protagonist Feyre has a tattoo on her back with the phases of the moon.
I tried to recreate his tattoo by cutting the moons in the paper and using the Velaris symbol to represent the Moon.The flowers have been cut into the let's go and journaling card bom dia.

For the Shadow and Bone trilogy, I printed the logo directly on the paper of the journal stories collection.

I hope the project will inspire you, I had never used a booktracker journal before.

I will continue with this project in the coming days!

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