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 Hello everyone! 

Hope you all doing good! 

Today I would like to share two mini books one with Don’t grow up collection, and the other with So Romantic collection. 

The adorable Don’t grow up collection makes a perfect baby mini album with lots of photos. Ahem, The photos are all more than a dacade old, but it's worth digging the old photos out for this gorgeous collection!

The front page. 
The thin plastic sheets are heated to fit. 

When you open the album, it consists of two albums. 
One accordion pages, and the other is tag pages. 
Tag pages’ front page with lovely little flowers. I have adhered them with glue then, machine sewn. 

Accordion pages. Baby photos go so well with the papers. 

The front page of accordion part. I have made dots for a lovely look. 

The mini book is tied with pearl strings. I have also made the tassel with ribbons. 

I have also made an introducing video and stored it on my youtube channel.
Please have a look if you would like to know more.

Here is the link to my video →Click here for Youtube

So, the second project is 'Heart shaped mini album' with So Romantic collection. 

The beautiful pastel colors makes perfect spring album. 
Bird box’s entrance is also heart shaped! 

The spinning card, I learned from Marci Caceres
The sentiments spins and messages go on. Great idea! 

For Don't grow up collection → Click here

For So Romantic collection → Click here

Thank you for being with me till the end. 
I hope you liked them!!

Stay safe, stay well,
and enjoy the Spring time for northern hemisphere residents, enjoy the fall for the southern hemisphere residents, and beautiful days for those who living near equator and all the other places not having spring/fall!!

Arigatou gozaimashita!
(Thank you very much in Japanese)


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  1. Thank you for the credits on the hearts album Yukie!
    Your version is so kawaii!
    Love all the pastel shades of paper it give the mini album a whole new level of cuteness!


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