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I looove the new collections! They scream SUMMER and TRAVEL - and they match together perfectly!
First I used the stamps, 12"x12" papers and the notebook-collection to create a little Minialbum.
May I give you warning? There are not much words - but a LOT of photos...

At first the photos to show you the making of (the photos are straight from my desk, made in the eventing with not much light, sorry - but they explain the making!):

Now here's how I filled the pages.
Compatible to my photos I chose all the wonderful blue and green papers of the collections Hello World and Beautiful Life and mixed them together. 
Tons of photos... I hope you don't mind...

I looooove these hexagon stamps and I used them nearly on every page. 
They are a little bit like a common theme in this album.

Those mountain stickers are so awesome, aren't they?


I embossed the stamp with white embossing pouder ↓

Huuuuuh... are you still here yet? So much photos...
But I had so much fun to work with this stuff! 
(It's a birthday present - I hope so much that she will like it... Please cross yous fingers!)

And yay! It's Friday! Wish everyone a good (and crafty?) weekend!

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):

HELLO WORLD - Earth calling / Positive thoughts - scrapbook paper
HELLO WORLD - Away we go / Let's escape- scrapbook paperHELLO WORLD - Stargazing / Postcards - scrapbook paperHELLO WORLD - Summits / Happy place - scrapbook paperHELLO WORLD -Notebook edition 10x21 cmBEAUTIFUL LIFE - cotton candy / splash - scrapbook paperBEAUTIFUL LIFE - enjoy today / relax - scrapbook paperBEAUTIFUL LIFE -Notebook edition 10x21 cmJUST CHILLIN - let it snow / windy day - scrapbook paper
This moment -small stamp set #15
Let's go - stamp set#93
Just Perfect - stamp set#91
Beautiful Life - transparent stickers
Hello World - transparent stickers
Love This View- transparent stickers

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  1. What an ingenious album! I have never made an album in this form but I think I will have to try it :)

  2. Heidi, of course I cross my fingers, but I'm also absolutely sure that it's a perfect gift!


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