hearted cards | Stephanie B.

Hello ladies (and gentsleman...),

Stephanie is here and today i have two quick and easy cards for you.
Both are perfect for weddings and birthdays... or just some greetings to a lovely friend.

All you need is the
DAYDREAM -Notebook-edition set of 12 papers 10x21 cm
Some stickers or stamps (of course i took some from the lovely DAYDREAM collection)
and hearted dies in three different sizes

I took four layers of paper.
Three of them i put on top of each other, fixed them with some washi tape and cut the smallest heart into all of them. Then i remove the lowest paper...
Now cut the second heart into the remaining papers, remove the lowest paper and cut the biggest heart into the last - the top - paper...

Take some 3D adhesive to put the papers together, so you get a cool haptic look...

Some decoration and and the cards are finished....

Hope you have fun, doing it on your own...

Have a great day
Xoxo Stephanie

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