Journey | Stephanie B.

Hello crafters,

It is me again, Stephanie and today - before everyone is totally freaking out because of the super
super super cool new summer collections that are in the StudioForty- Shop right now - i want to show a layout i made with the lovely DAYDREAM Collection.

I am still in love with the papers and stuff....

Everytime i look at this collection and those soft colors, i think about sunny late afternoons.
You know - this time when the sun is getting down slowly...
And so i often think about hiking afternoons in summer when take the papers.

So this time i made a hiking layout.
With a whole lot of butterflies and a lot of summer feelings...

DAYDREAM - pinewood / net - scrapbook paper
DAYDREAM - just painted / sunshine - scrapbook paper
DAYDREAM - diamonds / cards - scrapbook paper
"Daydream" - stamp set # 89
Paper strips- Daydream - sticker set

Have a lovely weekend
Hugs, Stephanie

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