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Hello out there,
I did something really weird for this spread... (or better: for two spreads) - and therefor I have a lot of photos for you:
I tore a piece of paper off the page! Right out of my notebook!

I glued a patterned paper back on... I could use it from both sides and for two spreads. 
One page got a cracked edge...  

and the other one straight edge. So I had two different outcomes.

This is what happened to the first page:

[And here’s the story to the photos: No! I’m not selfie addicted!
 I needed a dress, and, hmmmm, it’s not so easy for me to wear a dress without feeling uneasy… So much harder to buy one all alone! So I made all those photos in the changing room, sent them to my bestie and got a feedback immediately. But the great number of photos made me lough later and I had to do a spread with them! ]

I like how the frames of the paper come out with the little photos... Get's together well, doesn't it?

And here's the second one:

I added the embellishments over the edge and cut them afterwards,

so they fit perfectly.

So - what do you think about tearing paper?

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):

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