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I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't have much time to do projects (the life) and accidents happen, like in this first layout, the ink spilled on me and you can see the tampon line. If this or other catastrophes happen to you, include them in your projects, it will even give you new design ideas.

Also, what better seal for this than this one with splashes.
It is an ideal stamp, if you are not good at splashing ink.

For these layouts I have used PL cards. Here only one, and I have decorated with die cut, enamel dots and chipboards.

With two strips of paper and the sewing machine I have finished off the top.

For this there have been two cards, one the same size as the photo and another 4x6 at the top.

With a sticker I have completed the card with a star and a couple of enamel dots.

I have pasted a small star...

...and with some stamps and a chipboard sticker I have completed the card.

I hope you like them and inspire you, see you soon!


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