Everyday story + Herbal stories stamp set | Marivi

There is little left for spring, what a win! While we can get ahead with the colors and prints of the collection.
Today I have combined this Everyday story collection with the Herbal stories stamp set.

Here I have combined and cut out different papers, creating several rainbows that I have completed with small decorations.

With a flower and the washi tape from the stamp set, I have made this ornament that I have glued on the top.

With the photo I have glued a chipboard and I have written some sentences.

For this second page I have used a background one of the papers, then I have stuck the photo and different ornaments.

I have sewn the photo to the background paper before gluing it.

I have glued an enamel dot and a chipboard, this one in the photo itself.The stitching is totally irregular without trying to make it look good.

In the other part I have stapled a small piece of white tape.

As in the previous one I have used the set of stamps to create an ornament that I have glued together with a couple of die cuts.
I have also sewn one of them with the sewing machine.
To complete I have also glued some enamel dots.

I hope you like the result, as you can see with the stamps you can create your own decorations.
See you soon!

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