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Hello everyone! Hope you find yourself in good health.
Here I would like to share my mini album made with Herbarium collection. Yes. Before move into the new collection, I really wanted to show you my last DT project with Herbarium. It is just too pretty. 

Unlikely me, I have set a small shaker window on the front page. It's fun and pretty for a change. 

*I have used; 12x12 paper, 6x6 paper, chipboard stickers and journaling cards.

This mini album is only small like 6x4 inches. But has many pages. When you open the front page, you will see a pretty journaling card. Then when you open the first page, you will see a tied twine and red flower. The twine is going around the back of the page unit. I tried to reduce as much thickness as possible. so even the knot at the back of the hole was a no no to me.

When you untie the twine, and open it, you will see a gorgeous stamp work on another journaling card.

*I have pasted journaling cards with ’Journal it color stickers set’ → Click here

I have used Note books #148 Stamps →    Click here
                        Sentiments #146  Stamps → Click here
    Tea pot and plants #149 Stamps →    Click here
      Extra leaves #147 Stamps →    Click here

Stamps on the pages.

A photo taken more than a decade ago. Autumn leaves and a little girl.
Memories come along as the pages are open. That is what I love about scrapbooking.

I have placed 5 photos. But if you like, you can place more. Maximum 13, and also some more to hold at the belt of the last layer.

The last layer you will see some journaling cards. I have written some journal on the back of the page. 

I have used Note books #148 Stamps → Click here
       Roses #150 Stamps → Click here
       Sentiments #146  Stamps → Click here

Here are the part of the stamps I used for this project. Adore the stamps!!
For Herbarium collection →Click here

Thank you very much for staying with me till the end. 
Love you all.

Stay safe and craft on!


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