Layered layout with Herbarium | Marivi

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope that last year has left you a lot of memories to document. I also hope that the New Year will bring even many more good memories to collect.

I start this year with a layout, which is almost like going back to my origins in scrapbooking, since, when I started, I was only doing 12x12 LOs.
Over the years, my taste changed and I found my own style and I discovered what I like the most to document.

For this project, I have used several layers but I kept white as the background: white paper on another pattern from the Herbarium collection and on top of this, a strip of the another side of the first paper.

I have sewn the white paper randomly, without following any pattern, just to give texture.

On top of this, I have placed the photo and added the different ornaments, ephemera, stickers etc...

Hope you like it and see you soon!

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