Paper doll, mini book and a pop up card with Yukie

Hello there, everyone. 

How are you doing? Here is Yukie, I would like to share my three projects with Studio Forty today,

1) Paper dolls for present name tags with the latest collection: Joyful, 

2) A mini album with autumn collection; Cozy time, 

3) A pop-up card with Lunare collection.

Here are the little girls with Joyful collection. The face, arms, legs are from Cozytime:Everyday.

I have sewn some of the parts and joint them together with brads. The clothes and hair styles are the best part of the project. You turn yourself into a fashion designer and hair dresser to create your own doll. 

I have added some cheek powder with water soluble crayon, and punched hands holes to let them hold their name tags. You can use it as a Christmas present name tags, or joint them hand in hand to make a Christmas garland. And maybe next year, you can hang them on the Christmas trees, or on your kids' rooms' doors.

Legs and arms are movable. Kids can play with them, maybe making stories? Before going to bed. 

This is a mini album with Cozy time collection. Autumn is almost gone, but you will never have enough of Cozy time collection. The collection is so warm and so sweet. You can not miss any piece of them. I have made 4x6.25 inches album tried to make most out of cozy time. 

The front page, is my favorite pattern, I name it fish scales pattern:) You can see the collection with one blink. I made the flower with the pattern paper; Good time. I love this pink color. Very beautiful. I am here showing you how to make a flower with a pattern paper. It's not difficult, give a try!

Draw three sizes flowers. Make sure to make glue petal. Cut them and curl the petals with some thin stick. 
Glue the flowers together and place the glitter dot and pearl in the center. 

Inside the pages: folded page to start with.  The photo was taken on the way to a restaurant nearby. So I placed a restaurant card on the page, too. This pattern paper: Happy place maybe is a little tough paper to make a layout with. But I guess it looks very good with the card and the photos. The key for the success is to add a bit of colors on the paper. 

I have three small pages with bellow folding. They are cut outs from the pattern papers, and also from the journaling cards set. 

Hanging small embelishment on the ribbon 
Little booklet, and a card to be stored.
Opening the booklet.

The back of the pages I have placed ribbons to hold little cards and booklet with brads. The little booklet works perfect for a small surprise. 

The last project is a pop up card. You can use it for any occasions, but maybe not for Christmas. It looks a little complicated, but not so in fact. 

I love the Lunare collection. Too bad I had not met Studio Forty that then... The illustrations are so fragile and beautiful. I have cut out pattern paper; Space animals and made them pop! 

So Thank you for being with me till the end. I hope you liked my projects. Enjoy crafting, scrapbooking, making something for fun! Cheer up, crafters, we always have some fun to do even in the quarantine!

 COZY TIME Collection

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