sketch with hexagons ⎪Heidi Ma

Hello everybody! Today I'm coming along with a sketch (in the strict sense with two :-) for you.
First: here's my layout:

Ha! You are surprised about my 12”x12” layout? 
Huhhh, yes, it’s my first after 1 ½ years! Incredible!

This was long overdue, exciting and a lot of fun.

Just Perfect  - stamp set#91

I looooove the hexagon stamps (Just Perfect - stamp set#91)!  That’s why I had to include them with my sketch. But of course you can take any other forms: circles, squares, hearts, stars… if you want to use this sketch.

I love, that you can use the different ways to fill the hexagon stamp, how it turns out when you use it on coloured papers and...  

...the possibility to stamp it as a pattern!
It took a while till I figured this out. But once I got it I needed only some pencil lines (deleted later) to stamp it. 
(If you want to try it you can see the measurement on the photo! I used the big hexagon of the stamp 

But… it’s ME! :-)

So OF COURSE I had to modify it for a traveler’s notebook!

This time I used the little hexagon stamp, so I had to figure it out once again...

And I made a second corresponding spread:

I love those hexagon stamps! Did I mention it yet? :-) 

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):




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  1. Heidi, you've got so great ideas, wonferful job! Thanks for sketches! :)


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