3D summer projects / Irina Honcharik

Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.

Today is my day to inspire you! 
And I prepared two projects for you. 
They are unusual for me. But this is interesting! Both projects are 3D projects.

So, my first summer 3D project is fruit! I made apples!

I cut out the details from the paper of new collection and glued it. Then I added the leaves!

My child is delighted with these apples and even carried them out for a walk!

These apples can be a gift box.  I put a small candy in this apple. 
I suggest to watch it in the video!

The second project is a layots. I decided to add 3D elements in this format.

My layots about summer and childhood!  I made sectors in the circle and designed it.

in one of them grew grass) It's unusual, is not it?


 I used:
Enjoy your creativity and summer with Studio Forty!

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