Documenting my travels⎪Heidi Ma

How do you document your holidays?
There will be tons of photos and a lot of beautiful moments to remember during the summerholidays... 

Because I like to do some scrapbooking during the holidays it was time to prepare an album!
I wanted to test something simple, so I built a little album kept with rings and prepared some pages, embellishments and bags.
Here it is:

I'm not sure if it isn't to small, but conditioned by the rings it is flexible 
and I can add as much papers as I like!

This is how I made the front page:


I punched the holes and added some book cloth to couple the front and the back page.

Next I prepared some inserts.
Here's my first page.  I love that globe stamp! ♥️

The notebook edition fits perfekt to my album:

And I folded some bags, a little one for collecting snippets...

...and a bigger one for photos.

There are always a lot of photos...
So I had the idea to insert a fanfold paper, hold with a twine:

I'm sure, this will be a filled by a great day :-)

here it's all together
(and there's still a lot of place for more...):

I’m well-prepared now, don’t you think so?

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):


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