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Hello everybody!

It's Isa here, and I am glad to be back in the Studio Forty blog with a new inspiration. One of the projects that I love the most when I am doing some scrapbook are layouts. They are my favorite projects and I have tons of them at home. I don't even have space to store them anymore.

I think that they are a good way of representing and keeping good memories of a certain thing that we did. I also believe that a good picture with a good memory on it is the key to make a layout successful. 

I wanted to use the collection Hello World to document this beautiful picture of my sister and her dog. I think that this collection is very versatile and you can use it for travels, camping trips or just a beautiful picture in the mountain. 

I have used the stamp set of the collection to use the words and stamp them on the edge of the paper that I have cut with my fingers. The paper is perfect with the combination of colors. Normally, when a layout is created it is better to work in the range of 3 to 5 colors so the layout is not over charged with colors and therefore lots of complements of different colors. It is also advisable to use a picture that has matching colors with the papers or another alternative would be to use black and white pictures. 

Transparent stickers from the collection and some die cuts are complementing the picture but always trying not to take out importance to the picture that it is what really matters in the project. 

To give some highlight to the project I cut with my Silhouette Cameo a big title to put it in the patterned paper. I have sewed it instead of putting some glue or tape. I think it can give more volume and a different approach to the title disposition. 

As a final touch, I always like to add some drops of ink. This time I have chosen black and green ink. They are the best replacement for dots for example. Also when you use ink you have to be careful not to ruin the project and make the drops fall in the place you want them to be. Letting them dry is also very important not to ruin the paper. 

It is also essential when creating layouts the layers behind the picture. They give volume to it and it attracts more the viewer when observing the project. In this layout the layers behind the picture are the project life cards that you can find in one of the papers of the collection. 

 As you can see with a patterned paper, a set of stamps and some decorations you can make a beautiful creation to keep from a beautiful experience. 

I hope you liked this project with the new collecion of Studio Forty that I am sure that you will enjoy because it is very beautiful to document your summer travels. See you soon with new creations! Lots of kisses! 

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