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Hi everyone! Here I am again, how are you? Have you had a happy Easter? I hope so!

Today I come to show you this little box that I have made with the new collection Magic Garden.

I have used the large collection (to make the exterior) and the small collection (to make the interior). To make the structure I used a white cardboard.

To decorate the exterior I have used some of the cutouts from the small collection. I added some yarn to give it a different texture. 

I also used the dots from the collection and as a title, I used a word from the "Vintage Glow" collection.

I made this box to store all my cards. I really like to save cards from restaurants that I like, but I have several types of cards so I made dividers to keep them organized.

To make these dividers I used the cards from the collection (but I had to make them smaller). Then I put a clip on them and attached a cutout to it.

Now I have all my cards organized in my box! What do you think? Do you like the idea? Where do you keep your cards?

I hope this box serves as inspiration for your projects. 

See you son!


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