Triangle gift box| Emanuela Cartincantevole

Hi guys! Today is my daughter Adele's birthday and for the occasion I have made little triangular boxes to give to her little friends invited to the party (inside are candies).

I used SPRING TIME - paper set of 18 Notebook size papers and various embellishments both from the Magic Garden collection and from old collections. I describe in detail how to make them.

Cut two pieces of paper from the Spring Time Set or Magic Garden pad: one 15.2 cm x 10 cm and another 15.2 cm x 3 cm. Glue them together on the long side. Now glue a strip of double-sided tape along the entire length of the short side; turn the piece of paper upside down and glue a strip of double-sided tape (approx. 8-9 cm) on the long edge of the right side, approximately in the middle. Turn the piece of paper upside down again and glue the paper forming a roll. Press at the inner double-sided tape and glue. Insert the sweets and close the box on the opposite side.

Embellish to taste. In the product list you will find all the products used to embellish the boxes.

Here are the products used in detail:

Have a good day, Emanuela

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