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Hello Studio Forty friends! How are you? It's Nuria here today sharing with you a new inspiration using the amazing Essentials Summer collection. I can't get enough of using this collection! Today we are going to create a layout using squares of paper. Let's get started!

How funny a photocall can be in a party! Few years ago my kids decided themselves to organise a photocall for my B-day party. Since then, the photocall has become the golden star of the day. I love their creative initiative!    

The LO is 12'x12', it is inspired by a street advertising poster in Barcelona. Inspiration is everywhere! ;)
It contains 11 squares of patterned paper (2'x2') with the singular effect that a tip folded creates. The facing of folded squares makes singular forms and spaces. The space formed in the middle is a square in which the cropped photo pops up. 

It's time to embellish the paper squares with different elements: a tiny vellum star with a white heart stamped, and a stamped wooden charm are the perfect combination to hang from white thread wrapped arround the paper square. 

You can also use die cuts, enamels and transparent stickers from the collection. This time I adhere the stickers directly on patterned paper (and not on a white cardstock). You can also use little sequins to give some movement to the composition. I love interactive elements! 

As to let the layout breath, it is important to leave some spaces with no squares of paper. These spaces were embellished in different ways: a pastel wax seal and some white thread underneath,

or you can cut out geometric forms from the PL cards, add a 'good times' transparent sticker and finalise it with some enamel dots. Take a look at spaces on the margin of the layout: I used a couple of flowers white stamped on vellum and hand cut.  

But probably my fav part of this layout is the hidden envelope, containing the journaling of this memory. I keep it closed with a puffy sticker. The fake envelope is handmade (no tools used) and adapted with a piecce of white cardstock for the text.

One final pic in which you can see that all elements are placed on a "sandwich": white cardstock first, a beautiful patterned paper underneath to create a frame and a 12'x12' white cardstock as final layer.

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed today's post and don't forget to visit Studio Forty shop website, you will get 10% off with the code nuria10! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week! 


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