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Hello, Studio Forty fans! 

Are you in the mood for a mini book?

I have today, more than one minibook to share with you.
I learned some people call this type of boxes, Cigarette cases. 
But I also learned some people call it; Playing cards case.
I think I like the playing cards. 
So I made a box to store the mini tag album. 
With, ofcourse the latest collection, Here and There.

The card size is 3x4 inches. Perfect size for the journaling cards and journal paper in the collection.  
I also have made an index card and index card holder on the side of the box so that you can easily tell which event/trip the album is from.
And they look very cute from the sides.

Inside the pages I have used some stamps and chipboard stickers, transparent stickers, paper stickers, acetate sheets, die cut elements, also  cut outs from the collection.

Also used some sequins.
Tropical stamps suit very well with the collection.

Miyako island is a small island located South East of Okinawa main island of Japan.
I have had visited Okinawa so may times, but this trip was the first time to Miyako. Increadible white sandy beach with beautiful blue ocean. 

The close up for the playing card case.
Perfect size for the gift too.

So some how I made 8 pieces already. 
I am making some more. Never get bored. 
And by the index, you are never lost what mini album that was, before opening it.

Here and There collection →Click here

Thank you for your visit!.

See you next time!

xo Yukie


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