Two TN layout | Marivi

Here again to show you a couple of works with the new collection.
With these two I have completed another notebook....

I have mixed papers, cards and die cuts that I had left over from previous projects.

You can see in detail how beautiful the Best Summer stickers are, they are one of my favorites.

I have also used chipboard and of course a stamped phrase.

I have superimposed the paper cutout on another and I have added a transparent sticker, although in this case I have cut it out, I have not glued it directly.

For this I have sewn different papers, in zig zag.I have added different ornaments to complete.

Here I have also added a Best Summer sticker.

On this occasion I have not sewn directly in the notebook, but rather I have made the layout on textured paper to the size of the pages and then I have glued them since it was difficult to sew so much in the notebook, it is a resource that I often use. you can do it if you want to paint with watercolors or acrylics, instead of textured you can use a paper that supports those media.

At the bottom I have stamped some words as a border.

I hope you like these jobs.
See you soon!


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