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Dear Studio Forty fans!
Hello, I hope you are all doing good and finding some time to. Be crafty at your end! 
Today, I would like to share 2 of my 12x12 layouts with you. 


The first one, I made this layout with hand made ‘cut file’. So simple. Just cut squares with 1 cm wide, 12x12, 8x8, and 6x6. Set the smaller squares inside the larger one, rotate  the squares 45 degrees tilt. 

I have punched some circles, stamped some of them, placed stickers on some of them. I also did cut outs from the paper and try to make a large study.
Cozy chair and tidy desk!!

To be very honest, it’s very opposite to my scrapbooking desk when I am working on the projects:)
I placed a window on the top. For some lights in the study. 

Very much fun creating!


2nd project today, is also a12x12 layout and I love the patterned paper I used for the back ground.
Lovely glass jars and paint brushes along with sweet heart shapes and wool balls.
Simply just gorgeous.
I have stamped some sentiments on the glass jars.

A small acetate heart hanging under the photo,  I have stamped and used some transparent stickers. 
Transparent stickers are always a great option!

So that's all for today. 
I hope you liked them. 

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See you next time!
Until then, take care! 

xo Yukie

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