A wooden circle mini album with Lazy Days collection! | Yukie Bessho

 Hello everyone! 

How are you these days?

I am making some projects with Lazy Days collection.It's a great fun and I would like to make more and more!

Today I would like to share with you my latest project with Lazy Days collection.

I actually made it nothing adhoc, nothing extra than StudioForty and Japan's leading scrapbooking web store Casket*'s collaborated happy bag!

 Let me announce that here in Japan, a great collaboration event with Studio Forty and Casket* is going on and this project is made from the happy kit bag which was sold at the store on last Sunday and was sold out all the kits literally in seconds. 

I am very honored because just one year ago, Studio Forty was not selling anything in Japan. Now it is more and more popular and people loving this beautiful brand!

Oh? Why am I just showing off the happy bag kit to those who living out side Japan? No worries, the bag was basically consisted with Lazy Days and the  Good Vibes 6 inches pad. The famous Studio Forty's transparent stickers are also in the happy bag. Very Studio Forty, and very handy for everyone who a big fan of Studio Forty, and even for the people have not yet experienced. 

The summery beautiful colours just keep attracting everyone,..And I am not the exceptional.

I have punched 1inch circle punch and placed on a circle. 

(Yes just like the project I posted here the last time. If you are interested, please check that out too  →    Click here )

made it just like for the shaker box. But I don't put anything loose in my box. Just glued everything. Simply to enjoy the dimension; the depth. 

Round mini book is always fun. 

I have used the thin chipboard and adhered the Lazy days collection.

One page I painted gesso and modeling paste, to enjoy the texture. 

Good Vibes 6inched pad contains such fun pages. I have cut out the words and they look just so fun!
circle pages are fun. But also the extra pages!!

I have 13 extra pages. 
Made a page just for journaling. 
Blue Berry can badge and the bottle cap match great!
Very summer page! If you are wondering if these photos were taken in Cancun or Palau, the beach is on Miyako islands/Okinawa/Japan. They have super beautiful beaches there.
jelly fish was starring here.
Ok, why not an afternoon tea break on the vacation? We loved the tropical treats!!
The ribbon ties all the memories.

Ok that is it for today. 

Thank you very much for staying with me till the end.

 I hope you liked this mini album. 

LazyDays collection →Click here  Good Vibes 6inches →Click here

Bye for now! 

xxx Yukie

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  1. Yukie, just awesome project!! I had no idea that Japan has got such beautiful beaches!


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